Using the T-box riboswitch annotation database

Overview of data table fields (browsable interface)

The T-box riboswitch table contains the following visible fields:

Overview of T-box riboswitch entries

Besides the characteristics visible in the main table, more T-box riboswitch data can be found at the subpage for that T-box riboswitch:

Quick search on the database

You can search TBDB browser using the search bar provided. Search terms entered will search across all fields.

Advanced search

An advanced search feature is available through the advanced search page.

Downloading the database

You can download the full database as a csv file from the download page for use offline. Descriptions of each of the fields in the full database can be downloaded from our repository page here

Additionally, the front-end of this site can be downloaded at our site repository here. Note that this only includes the interface for the website, and does not contain the database itself.

Additional information

Information regarding how the database was built can be found in our BioRxiv publication for the TBDB. Please remember to cite this work if you found it useful.

The pipeline for building the database from raw sequences can be found in our back-end repository.