How to cite TBDB

If you have used TBDB in a publication, please cite the following reference:

    Marchand, J. A., Pierson Smela, M. D., Jordan, T. H. H., Narasimhan, K. & Church, G. M. (2020). TBDB – A database of structurally annotated T-box riboswitch:tRNA pairs. BioRxiv.
    BioRxiv Article

You can download the code used for T-box riboswitch detection and prediction source code from our our Github.

Citing our database sources

References for the data sources used to generate the TBDB can be found here

    D. A. Abdala, R. Ciria and E. Merino GeConT 3: gene context analysis for orthologous proteins, conserved domains and metabolic pathways. Nucleic Acids Research (2003).
    GeCont3 Article
    I. Kalvari, J. Argasinska, N. Quinones-Olvera, E. P. Nawrocki, E. Rivas, S. R. Eddy, A. Bateman, R. D. Finn, A. I. Petrov. Rfam 13.0: shifting to a genome-centric resource for non-coding RNA families. Nucleic Acids Research (2017) 10.1093/nar/gkx1038
    RFAM Article
    A. G. Vitreschak, A. A. Mironov V. A. Lyubetsky, and M. S. Gelfand. Comparative genomic analysis of T-box regulatory systems in bacteria. RNA (2007)